American High School

Frequently Asked Questions



What are the AHS Graduation Requirements? 


AHS Graduation Requirements 







Social Science




Physical Education


Fine Art/F. Language or CTE






Total Credits 


  • Completion of Algebra 1
  • 40 hours of Service Learning

This is information is also located in the district catalog.



What are the A-G University Requirements for UC's and CSU's? 


A-G University Requirements 





History/Social Science

2 years



4 years


Math (Alg. 1, Geom, Alg. 2*

3 years


Lab Science (Bio & Chem)*

2 years


Language other than  (same language)*

2 years


Visual and Performing Arts

1 year


College Prep Elective

1 year

Grade of C- or higher is required for all A-G Courses

* UC's recommend an additional year of Math, Lab Science, and language other than English*


Please click here to see our American High School Academic Honesty Policy.

What happens if I fail a class? 


If you receive an F in a class, you will not earn the subject credits required for graduation. You will have to make-up the course and your best option will be to attend summer school. 


What happens if I receive a D and want to attend a 4-year college? 


If you receive a D in a course, you will need to make-up the class for college.  Students may repeat courses in summer school, if the class is offered. There are no AP or honors classes offered during summer session. 


There are several options for credit recovery, however summer school is the best option to make-up credits. For adult school and approved online classes, students must speak to their counselor. Below is the chart that displays availability of remediation options. 







Summer School

(D’s and F’s only)





Adult School

(F’s only, Not College Prep)




(Counselor/Admin Approval Only)





Does my world language from junior high school count for college admissions?


World Language levels earned in junior high will be accepted as meeting college entrance requirements if a grade of C or better is earned. It is encouraged by universities to continue with language in high school and for students to enroll in languages other than their primary language.

Can I take Health online?


Students MAY NOT take Health online, per board policy.   


Can I complete health over the summer?


Health is offered during the summer and is only  available to students who postponed the class due to the Project Lead The Way engineering class or AVID class in their freshman year. Space is limited and upperclassmen are given priority. 

What is the SAT I and ACT?


The SAT and ACT are college admissions exams required for UC's, CSU's, and most out of state and private universities. 


Who needs to take the SAT I and/or ACT?


All 4-year college bound students. These tests are not required for Community College. 


What test should I take? The SAT I or ACT? 


Both exams are usually accepted for college admission and many students opt to complete both.  Students should take either of these exams "with writing."


When do I take the SAT I and/or ACT?  


We recommend that you start these exams the second semester of junior year (Jan, March, June). All exams should be completed by senior year (Oct/Nov), as some students opt to retake exams for higher scores. 


Where do I sign-up for the SAT or ACT?


                                    SAT registration:   |   ACT registration:


Do I need to take the SAT II (Subject Test)?


The SAT II is optional and not required for CSU's and most UC's. This exam may be required for private colleges. Please check the admissions requirements for any UC's, private schools, and out of state colleges that you may be applying to. 


If I decide to take the SAT II, what subjects should I take? 


It is recommended that you complete 2-3 subjects, including Math Level II


Are there Fee Waivers for the SAT/ACT exams? 


YES! Counselors have fee waivers for both exams. Please see your counselor to see if you qualify. 

What is the difference between the high school Fine Arts required and the college entrance Fine Arts requirements?



High School Requirement

College Requirement

1 year Fine Art or Foreign Language or CTE Career Technical Education

1 year college-prep Fine Art


2 years (minimum) Foreign Language



What is a weighted GPA?


AP and approved Honors courses can add weight to your A-G GPA for your CSU and UC admission. The grade is assigned an extra point in the grade-point-average, so that for every A, a student receives 5 points. For every B,  4 points and for every C, 3 points. Weight is not given for D’s or F’s.  


Please Note, our high school transcript does not weight grades. The GPA listed on the bottom of your transcript and in Naviance is unweighted.


Students must calculate honors and AP courses on their own. Please refer to the CSU and UC websites for more information on how to weight your GPA.

What are college admissions officers looking for?


In general, they look at courses taken, grades earned and college entrance exam scores. They look for candidates who will be successful at their institution, who can bring something of value to the student body. Evidence of special talents, interests, activities, athletic ability, leadership or public service may help a candidate get into the school of choice. Read your college catalog or admissions information pamphlets or check college websites. 

What is the best extracurricular activity in which to be involved?


Activities that relate to your future career, improve your special talents, or create projects that meet the school or community's needs will be the ones in which you will excel.  In depth involvement and excellence will help you stand out from the crowd of other hopeful college applicants. It is better to be involved or to excel in one or two areas than to have a superficial list of activities that you jumped into so that you could have a long list on your college application.


The ROP class I enrolled in is not a good fit for me. What are my options?


Before you sign up for this class, do your research!   Talk to the career center technician, your counselor, teachers and other students. Read the ROP pamphlets. ROP class changes are not be possible.