American High School


Mini-Maze Day, First Day of School!



Please note: We encourage ALL students to attend their regular scheduled MAZE day on 8/23 & 8/24. We are prepared to assist all students on these two days. Open the MAZE DAY link below and click on the INFO page to see the schedule.


For those who cannot attend on 8/23 or 8/24 we will have a mini-maze on Wednesday, August 31, beginning at 7:00 am at the AHS Library. This is a very hectic morning to get all the students through the necessary steps to get them into their classroom on time or asap. 

Please come prepared with all forms filled out in advance. This will help expedite their time going through the stations. Students need to submit their emergency card, signature page, submit donations (optional), get their picture taken for their AHS ID card, and pay for school photos if purchasing pictures. Lifetouch is a separate check made out to LIFETOUCH. No purchase is necessary but all students need to take a picture for their ID CARD!

We will do our best to get all of them through this Mini-Maze before school begins.