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Period 3 Symphonic Band

Period 4 Band 1 (Concert Band)

Period 5 Choir 1 & 2

Period 6 Guitar 1 & 2

Period 7 Marching Band (Fall)/Jazz Ensemble (Spring)

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Welcome to the American High School Music Department, home of the American Eagles Marching Band, Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Jazz Ensemble, Choir 1, Choir 2, Guitar I, and Guitar II. Other performing groups include Chamber Ensembles, Pep Band, Winter Percussion (est. 2003), Winter Guard (est. 2004), and Winter Drum Major (2009). For updates and the latest information, visit the other website at



In case you forget, or hear incorrectly, here are the part assignments for Fairfield.



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Coming Events


Date Day Time Event
10/21/2017 Sat. All Day Santa Cruz Band Review
10/28/2017 Sat. 1:00 PM E.C. Halloween Parade
11/4/2017 Sat. 1-6pm Band Mini-camp II
11/4/2017 Sat. Eve. Football Field Show Perf.
11/11/2017 Sat. All Day Vintage Band Review
11/14/2017 T 7:30 PM BPO Mtg.
11/18/2017 Sat. All Day Fairfield Band Review/Concert Comp.
11/24/2017 F 6:00 PM E.C. Niles Festival of Lights Parade
12/2/2017 Sat. 3:00 PM Holiday Boutique performance
12/12/2017 T. 7:30 PM BPO Mtg.
12/14/2017 Th. 7:30 PM Winter Concert 

2017-18 Music Schedule

New York

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Phone: 510-796-1776, x.57708



Today: 10/19/17

Concert Dates (on campus)

Th. 12/14/17 7:30pm Winter Concert (Rotunda)
F. 3/23/18 7:30pm Pops Concert (Rotunda) 
Th. 5/24/18 7pm American Attendance Area Concert (Gym)
Th. 6/7/18 7pm Final Concert (Rotunda)