American High School



Greetings, My name is Mr. Brady: the longest serving employee here at American High School.  
I began my teaching and coaching career way back in 1977 in Marana, Arizona and continued at Brophy Prep, a Jesuit school in Phoenix.  In 1987 I  was given the opportunity to teach at American High.  It is a joy to teach here and it is my hope that our students will take advantage of both the wonderful learning and social opportunities that they have here.   
I encourage students to to work together not only in the classroom, but also outside of classroom time so to develop good study habits for the college years to come.  There will be time in class to collaborate with one another and get individual assistance as we work on improving our understanding and skills in math.
The course offerings are shown in the category 'Note' on the right. On my green sheet, which can be found in the locker of this website, I note that taken both Pre-Calculus and Calculus are similar to a two-year course offering that prepares students for the rigors of calculus in college.  This offering is an excellent way to round out a four-year program in math.  Pre-Calculus will focus on strengthening Algebra 2/Trig concepts and developing new topics that prepare students for Calculus. 
My ongoing advice to all students is to get involved in your school.  The more you put into the school, be it in regards to extracurricular activities or classroom activities, the more you will get out of it and the more overall success you will enjoy.  Have a wonder-filled year!
Mr. Brady
PS Green Sheets and the Assignments are available in the on-line locker.  Assignments are occasionally refined in the classroom.