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Scholarship Resources

A cautionary note: Be wary of scholarship scams. Do not pay money to compete for a scholarship unless you are confident in the source. You can read about and report such scams at:

American High Scholarship Database

Please be advised that the scholarships that are emailed or sent to the school are posted on Naviance.  This includes all the Community Scholarships

Go to the American High web-page and click on the Naviance link. Your Naviance login is the same as your Google Chrome account   Your username is the first 3 letters of your first name, followed by the first 3 letters of your last name, followed by the last 3 digits of your ID number, followed by  Your password is your complete ID number.


Below you will find other scholarship links


Big Future - Scholarship search through College Board



Internet Database – Great for scholarships

A great link to financial aid sites


Gates Millennium Scholarships

Another large scholarship web site


Merit Aid Scholarships

Find merit scholarships from thousands of colleges.


Super College.COM

Database of college scholarships



Scholarship directory for Latino & Hispanic students.



School Soup Scholarship Website



One of the largest scholarship search engines.


U.S. Department of State


College Answer

Sallie Mae’s link to scholarship opportunities