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Internships & Summer Programs for High School Students



Using Naviance Family Connection to Search for Enrichment Programs

          Log into your Naviance Family Connection account


Click on the “colleges” tab. Scroll to the “college research” section of the page and click on “enrichment programs.” You can search through a national database of enrichment programs as well as the career center’s list of programs that are available. The search will provide you with the information pertaining to the program and where you can obtain more information. Visit the Career Center for specific information about individual summer programs.


Summer Pre-College Programs

This website provides a summer educational pre-college programs and academic camps directory for high school students and middle school students. Summer programs for high school students can provide excellent learning opportunities during the summer months. This summer pre-college programs and camps directory is designed to provide information about a variety of summer educational programs and camps that are available for high school students and middle school students.



Make Summer Count

UC Berkeley's Academic Talent Development Program (ATDP) offers exciting summer courses for highly motivated scholars. Since 1982, students have come to the UC Berkeley campus to pursue computer programming, law, biotechnology, architecture, and much more. Our Secondary Division program provides both accelerated and enrichment courses for students completing Grades 7 through 11 and is held for six weeks at the UC Berkeley campus. Applications open in January and financial aid is available.  

Note from American High:  These courses can not be used for acceleration purposes and will not receive AHS credit.

Summer internships are the perfect opportunity for you to explore potential careers, gain valuable job experience, fulfill college requirements, and learn about yourself. But finding the summer internship that’s a perfect match for you can be a challenging first step. Use the tools on, like our easy-to-use summer internship search and our Internship Predictor, to help you narrow down your possibilities. Once you’ve found some intern jobs that interest you, we’ll help you learn to help you narrow down your possibilities, learn how to navigate the application process and ultimately land your dream internship.


SEMI Foundation - High Tech U

SEMI High Tech U provides secondary school students with an intensive three/four day, industry-led introduction to the high tech industry, potential career paths and education requirements to meet their goals.

Students who attend SEMI High Tech U are 13-17. Applicants do not have to be an "A" student. All secondary students who have an interest in high-tech are encouraged to apply. There is no cost for a student to attend.