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Summer Program and Internship Information



Students are encouraged to be active during their summer vacations. Students can be active by: volunteering, getting a job, interning with a company that relates to the students’ interests, or participating in academic programs that enhance their high school learning and that tie into the student’s interests. 


If interested, summer programs are a great way to gain hands on experiences in a variety of areas. These programs will give you the opportunity to explore your interests and gain valuable experience to add to your resume. You can use Naviance Family Connections to help you find enrichment opportunities. 


Please note, that these programs are optional and not required for college admissions The goal is to be engaged and active.  



Using Naviance Family Connection to Search for Enrichment Programs


Log into your Naviance Family Connection account:


Click on the “colleges” tab. Scroll to the “college research” section of the page and click on “enrichment programs.” You can search through a national database of enrichment programs as well as the career center’s list of programs that are available. The search will provide you with the information pertaining to the program and where you can obtain more information. Visit the Career Center for specific information about individual summer programs.



Summer Program/Internship Application Requiring a Letter of Recommendation 


Follow the directions listed in the links below. Be sure you turn all items required in at least one month (4 weeks) prior to the application deadline. Please note: students who are requesting a letter of recommendation from a teacher need to speak with them individually at least one month prior to the deadline. 


Summer Program_Internship Profile Packet 2017.docx



Summer Program/Internship Application Requiring a Transcript Only


If you need an electronic transcript you must order one from Parchment (Click on “Transcripts” Quick Link on AHS website to order).  If a paper transcript is required, order from Office K.