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 What is required to apply to UC


Applying to UC, a quick overview



High School class requirements needed to apply to UC



How much does it cost to attend a UC campus?  While visiting this page, figure out if your family qualifies for the "Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan" and if you can take advantage of the AB 540 / Dream Act for undocumented students.  



A list of all college majors at all of the UC's



HS profiles of the admitted freshman

Use caution when drawing conclusions from this info.  It's a general guide to selectivity only.



UC's campus policies and procedures for the admission process



How UC's review applications with a Comprehensive Review process



UC recommendations on taking the SAT II / single subject tests

UC Campus Policies and Procedures for Reviewing Freshman Applicants-  including if their departments encourage single subject SAT scores



Are you a Foster Youth and planning on attending UC? 



Advanced Research Links:

UC campuses course catalogs (the mother lode of details)



UC campus departments and  AP exam credit



Eligibility in Local Context (ELC) Program.



Take a look at the "bottom line" with this CSU and UC Comparison Chart of Freshman Admission Requirements for 2014-15. This also includes information about validation of D and F grades in required courses.


How to satisfy the A-G subject requirements by taking  community college courses while in H.S.  This is posted as an enrichment option.  Please note that students do not have to do this to apply to college. Search the community college by their name.