American High School
Campos, O.
Spanish Teacher
Carel, A.
Cooper, Madame
French Teacher
Huang, L.
Morales Velez, H.
Navarrete, J.
Reid, A.
Spanish Teacher
Riley, C.
Spanish Teacher

World Languages


...American HS & Thornton JHS in collaboration. We encourage students to start in junior high school. If you don’t start in junior high school, then sign up for a world language in high school. Registration begins in late February!


...Highly-qualified teachers who actively participate in their students’ whole academic experience.

  • Teachers find opportunities for students to practice their language skills in the community.
  • Students go on field trips, such as to the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, museums (SF MOMA/Oakland/SJ), cafés, taquerías & restaurants.
  • Students participate in cultural activities on a regular basis.
  • Students also have the opportunity to participate in contests (French National Contest, consulate, professional) and other events to demonstrate their language proficiency.
  • Students use “realia” or authentic materials, newspaper articles, pictures, movies, short video & music clips, literature & technology in the classroom for student to learn & to demonstrate acquisition of language.
  • Teachers facilitate students in peer tutoring and other intervention activities, such as one-on-one assistance, group tutoring, parent-teacher conferences.
  • Level 1 through Honors /Advanced Placement in French (4H, 5AP, 6 Civilization & Culture of the French-speaking World); Spanish 1-3, AP Spanish Language & Culture; Levels 1-4 in Mandarin Chinese.


  1. Make new friends and expand your mind.
  2. Become a more globally-viable businessperson.
  3. Understand the world and your own language better.
  4. Study, travel, & work abroad.
  5. Gain a competitive edge in a global economy.
  6. Discover other cultures beyond your world.
  7. Improve your skills in your own language & other subjects.
  8. Increase your results in standardized tests.
  9. Meet college recommendations (at least 3 years of the same language for limited proficiency; 4 years preferred, including Honors/AP.)
  10. Receive a California State Seal of Biliteracy.