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Mr. B.C.

American High School

Digital Photography Students Pandemic Photo Essays

Starting On March 12th Students were asked to take a photograph a day documenting their Pandemic experiences in context of publishing them together in a Photo Essay later. They are to take photos everyday, be safe doing so and maintain social distancing and rules from parents,  including the shelter in place. They may go on a walk or staying at home and discover a new avenue or perspective, be creative, construct, stylize, observe, and plan their photos. Student's submit their best works and consider the overall context (Whole story- when we place this body of work together with students reflections.)  Considering if it is: appropriate, stereotypical, cliche, new, unique, expected, original, mundane, peripheral, observational, empathetic, intra-personal, interpersonal.  Enjoy!  Mr. B.C.

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