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Notice to All Transfer Students
North Coast Section Eligibility Transfer Policy Statement
Transferring from one to school to another may affect your athletic eligibility under North Coast Section/CIF ...more

Former Eagles Competing at 4-Year Colleges - UPDATED 9/22/17

Please follow our former Eagle athletes in action at the collegiate level. If you know of an alum that is currently competing or has competed in a 4-year collegiate sport, please let us know with a ...more

Athletics Home Page

Class of 2018 Student-Athlete of the Year

Class of 2018,


If you feel as though you deserve to be named this year's Male or Female Athlete of the Year, please click the link below and follow the instructions on how to apply.


All applications are due on Friday, April 13th to Office B by 3:15 pm. Please make sure you give it to one of the Athletic Directors to ensure that it has been received.


Remember, if you don't apply, you can't win.


If you have any questions, please see Mr. Hashimoto or Mr. Peffer.


Please click on the link here for the application.

American HS Open House - Athletic Presentation

Please fill out the online form mentioned during the presentation here if you wish to express interest in participating in a sport at American High School.


Once you complete your 8th grade school year, you may reach out to any of the coaches on our website via email. The contact information you submit online will be given to the coach and they may also contact you after the school year is over.


Thank you for supporting American High School Athletics!

2018 Spring Sports Tryout Dates and Locations

You can find the spreadsheet with all of the tryout dates and times for spring sports here.


Please direct all questions regarding tryouts to the coach directly. If it is a paperwork issue, please contact one of the Athletic Directors.


Thank you.

2018 Spring Sports - Athletic Clearance Paperwork Collection

The first official day of Spring Sports will be on Monday, February 5th for Badminton, Baseball, Boys Golf, Softball, Boys and Girls Swimming, Boys Tennis, Track and Field, and Boys Volleyball. Submit Spring Sports Athletic Clearance Paperwork to Mr. Peffer or Mr. Hashimoto in Office B after school if they are in there. Please do not leave the paperwork under the door without giving it to Mr. Peffer or Mr. Hashimoto.


All paperwork will be due by Monday, January 29th. You can find the directions on how to complete this process by following the posting called "Step by Step: Athletic Clearance Packet."


It is not sufficient to turn paperwork into the coach. You will not be allowed to tryout or practice without cleared paperwork. Any paperwork turned in on the first day of spring sports are not be guaranteed to be cleared in time for practice that day.


If you are currently playing a winter sport, you will need to finish your season before trying out for a spring sport. All you will need to do is turn in a new Signature Page to get cleared.



  • Online Athletic Clearance Information Sheet must be submitted first

  • You must have the doctor stamp, sign & date a CURRENT physical examination form from an M.D. or a D.O.

  • Incomplete paperwork WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. All signatures on Signature page are required.

  • You will not be allowed to participate in any tryouts and/or practices until you have complete and cleared paperwork.


The Athletic Clearance Packet has now been split into 2 simple submissions: one online Google Form and one printed (See Signature Page and Physical Form below) and submitted.

The Physical Examination Form must still be completed by the physician as well as the signature of the athlete and parent/guardian agreeing to the American HS Athletic Code and consent to medical treatment in case of an injury must be submitted.  

However, the basic student, parent, insurance, and contact information can now be done online.


Athletic Clearance Information Sheet (Complete & submit online only)


Read the Read Only Documents found on this page in the Athletics Locker.


Signature Page and Physical Forms

  1. Print and complete after reading all of the necessary Read-Only Documents

  2. Submit printed and completed documents to Athletic Directors during listed collection dates above


Declaration of Parent/Volunteer Driver of F.U.S.D. Students

If you have a parent or guardian that will possibly be transporting students to an American HS athletic contest this year, please fill out the form and attach the appropriate documents. You may turn it in along with your clearance paperwork.


NOTE: PHYSICAL EXAM FORMS POLICY Physicals are NOT SAVED from year to year, so you will need to submit evidence or copy of a physical each new school year. Athletic physicals are good for 1 calendar year from the date received. Before submitting, check to be sure you have the doctor’s STAMP, SIGNATURE & CURRENT EXAM DATE (must be for the current school year) on the form. The old Athletic Clearance Form is no longer available on the website and will not be accepted.

Physical Exam Forms Policy

Please be aware that we will not be saving physicals from year to year, so you will need to submit evidence or copy of a physical each new school year. We realize that some insurance carriers will not provide a physical exam each year, so the doctor's office will still need to sign off with a current date on the clearance form for you to turn in.
Also, when you submit them, please make sure that you have the doctor's signature and office stamp (MD or DO only - We will not accept a chiropractic, or DC, physical examination).
The signature form needs to be submitted with this form after you and your parent/guardian have signed it.

MVAL Ticket Pricing Schedule

To offset the rising costs of officials, the Mission Valley Athletic League Board of Managers voted to increase ticket prices for athletic contests for the first time in over 10 years. You can read the official letter from MVAL Commissioner Tom Breen here. The following changes go into effect for the 2014-15 school year.


For Football (JV and Varsity), Basketball (Freshmen, JV, and Varsity), and Wrestling:

General Admission: $7.00

High School Students with ASB Sticker: $5.00

K-8 Students: $3.00

Senior Citizens (62 and older): Free


For Freshmen Football, Boys/Girls Volleyball (JV and Varsity), Boys/Girls Water Polo (JV and Varsity), Boys/Girls Soccer (JV and Varsity), Boys/Girls Swimming (JV and Varsity), Baseball/Softball (JV and Varsity), and Track and Field:

General Admission: $5.00

High School Students with ASB and K-8 Students: $3.00

Senior Citizens (62 and Older): Free

Athletic Directors

Ken Peffer:

Brian Hashimoto:

Note to All American HS Athletes

Please note that if you choose to participate in a sport, you are obligated to finish the season with that sport. Therefore, you cannot participate in a new sport until the season of your prior sport ...more

Important Information for College Bound Student-Athletes

If you are interested in playing sports in college (or even just considering it), no matter the Division, we encourage you to speak with your AHS Counselor to ensure that you have the best ...more

Athletic Forms

PPT, Word, Excel Viewers [Go]
Acrobat Reader [Go]

Students needing Student Accident Insurance/Supplemental Insurance

If you need supplemental insurance to participate please check out the folder in the Athletics Locker. It is labeled Student Accident Insurance.

NCS Scholar Athlete Awards

There has been some confusion regarding how student-athletes qualify for this award, so here are the criteria and grading period for each season of sport (per NCS):

SCHOLAR ATHLETE - earned by any ...more

Academic Eligibility

At the end of each grading period (1st Quarter, 1st Semester, 3rd Quarter, 2nd Semester), each school has a small 10-day window to figure out each student-athlete's GPA and classify each one as ...more


The criteria for earning a letter may vary from sport to sport because of the different characteristics of each program. Each varsity head coach will be permitted to determine the criteria necessary ...more

NCAA Eligibility Information

Students interested in possibly participating in collegiate athletics should read up on some of the guidelines and eligibility requirements here. There are some links that will take you to the NCAA ...more




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