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AHS Clubs List

2019 AHS Clubs
Clubs Advisor President
AHS Astrophysics
Afghan Student Association
American Sign Language
Arab Club
Asian and Pacific Islanders
Black Student Union
California Scholarship Federation
Crafts and Baking
Creator's University
Engineering and Technology
Filipino Student Association
French Club
Girls Learn International
Google Computer Science First
Graphic Design
Habitat for Humanity
Indian Student Association
Key Club
Korea CLub
Medical Students of the Bay Area
Model United Nations
Musical Therapy
Muslim Student Association
National Honor Society
Red Cross
Science and Ecology
Science Bowl
Science Olympiad
Sikh Honor and Service Society
Speech and Debate
Taiwanese Student Association
Youth Alive
Yoga and Meditation
Ms. Sharma
Mr. Sharma
Guzzo (interim advisor Smith)
Mrs. Sharma
Mr. Sharma
Danton Chiu
Mingyu Wu
Ghazaal Hamid
Arezo Anmadi
Ayat Shabaan
Louisa Ng
Amber Schmoyer
Adriana Fazlee
Shaylin Hundal
Sonali Bhattacharjee
Donnyeah Tate
Aparajita Vemuri
Prisha Davida
Ashley Oshia
Hanah Abualhaj
Anchal Saraswat
Rohit Ravi
Chongquan Jason Zhao
Patricia Anternor-Cruz
Emily Lin
Tanya Chettri
Nyla Zia
Naomi Szeto
Esha Kulkami
Annie Liu
Ling-yun Lai
Kloe Yap
Gargi Joshi
Archisha Datta
Aldwin Saguid
Michelle Zhao
Katelyn Zou
Ashley Oshiba
Diana Del Rosario
AJ Laxa
Aditi Talati
Aditi Talati
Sofia Reyes
Michelle Zhao
Anya desai
Tharini Nagarkar
Sidrah Ahmed
Michelle Zhao
Ishwari Patankar
Eric Wu
Patrick Shao
Lavanya Neti
Angela Hawkins
Ashley Ton
Kaushal Karpuram
Arya Sharma
Samarjit Singh
Amisha Jain
Janine Wang
Rachel Lin
Angela Zhang
Katelyn Zou
Ananya Garg



Club Club Bio
AHS Astrophysics AHS Science Bowl is a club that encourages the pursuit of the pure sciences in the form of competitions. Our duty is to organize a Science Bowl team and to offer the competitions of Bio, Chem, and Physics olympiad to our fellow AHS students.
ArK ARK aims to spread positivity at school and at the community overall, believing that small actions can have a large impact. We believe that it is the little things that count—whether they’re positivity post-its or free hugs—and we understand that it is especially important to foster kindness during high school.
Afghan Student Association The Afghan Student Association of more than 15 years strives to bring together the AHS student body in celebration of the culture and traditions of Afghanistan. To achieve this, through various outlets, the club aims to educate the school about the rich history, values, and celebrations shared by the Afghan community.”
American Sign Language The American Sign Language Club is a club that focuses on teaching American Sign Language and introducing its members to the history of the language.
Arab Club The Arabs club is a youth organization that provides knowledge about culture and traditions. Arab clubs main goal is help member acknowledge the problems happening in the Middle East and other Arab countries by spreading awareness and learn ways to help.
Art Art club is a place for practicing one's art skills through club events, lunchtime activities, and the support of others who share the same interest in expressing their creativity.
ARTtain ArTTAIN club's objective is to promote interest in art throughout the community by hosting free art classes for children who are unable to access art programs. All while earning service hours and helping children unleash their imagination.
Asian and Pacific Islanders Asian Pacific Islander Club, also known as API, is a club that strives to bring together people who have similar interests in the different Asian and Pacific island cultures through events and meetings.
AVID AVID club is for ambitious, college-bound, individuals to prepare themselves for future success!
BioChemistry Interested in a career ion biology, chemistry, or any related fields? Join Biochemistry Club for fun, interactive meetings and speaker events with professors, researchers, and other experts.
Black Student Union BSU is a club where we get together to empower young people of color, and even those who aren't. Our goal is to talk about political issues, racial issues and more plus we want to bring everyone togther and teach people about the African American culture.
California Scholarship Federation The California Scholarship Federation (known as CSF) is a state-wide academic honors organization whose purpose is to recognize students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement. CSF Membership is based on qualifying grades that are earned each semester.
Chess AHS Chess Club aims to improve members' skills at playing chess and gives them a chance to compete. No matter the skill level, we encourage people to enjoy the game and pick up on skills like thinking ahead and persevering.
Crafts and Baking CBC at American High School strives to inspire a passion for baking and making crafts through fun-filled workshops and events!
Creator's University Creator's University is American High School's dance club. We strive to create a safe and supportive environment that allows all students to explore their talents and experiences, while having fun and expressing themselves artistically.
DECA DECA is a student organization that prepares future leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in a variety of clusters. We use on-the job experience and competition based events to help our members grow to become academically prepared, professionally responsible, and experienced leaders.
Engineering and Technology Engineering and Technology Club offers a variety of programs for students to explore the STEM principles. These subbranches include Girls Who Code, AI Club, TSA, VEX, and FTC Robotics!
Film Creating videos and films for the advancement of passion and projects
Filipino Student Association FSA is all about sharing the native Filipino culture to Filipino Americans and other ethnic groups to promote cultural diversity and allowing students to have a group of people become close with one another.
French Club French club aims to foster cultural diversity at American High School by sharing the multifaceted aspects of francophone lifestyle. We will have presentations and activities exploring the food, art, and culture of France. There is no French language experience required!
Genetics The purpose of Genetics Club is to teach students necessary skills in order to be able to intern in a lab and take part in research. The club will also provide members with connections to different research organizations from many backgrounds, including nonprofits and college clubs, and inform students about the opportunities in the exciting field of genetics.
Girls Learn International GLI is a club that advocates for human and women rights around the world. It also focuses on girls’ education and health projects.
Giveability A club to connect American High School students to volunteering opportunities serving the Differently-Abled Community
Glee Glee Club is a place that invites people of different interests to come together and make music. The club encourages cooperation and teaches various aspects of music theory and performance through concerts, competitions, and open mics held throughout the year.
Google Computer Science First The Google CS First Club introduces and guides club members in the field of computer science, allowing members to learn from a computer science curriculum designed by Google, participate in engaging CS-related activities, and explore career opportunities open in the professional CS field.
Graphic Design Graphic Design club aim to foster love for design and its numerous possibilities through merchandise workshops, design competitions, and other events.
Habitat for Humanity Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that helps people in our community build a better place that they can call home. To contribute to this organization, our club attends the monthly events, hoping to make our community a better place.
Indian Student Association ISA, or Indian Student Association, aims to spread positivity about the diversity of Indian culture and impart knowledge to our members, as well as others. Our goal is to connect people with one another and provide many new and exciting cultural experiences!
Interact (website) Interact is an international organization that empowers middle school and high school students to make an impact in their community through the motto “Service Above Self.” By joining Interact, students have an opportunity to develop leadership skills, meet other Interactors from around the district, and earn service hours. Our club offers various events throughout the school year to encourage service, as well as social events to celebrate accomplishments.
Japanime Come join us and connect with other anime fans while enjoying our club trips, games, and screenings!
Key Club Key Club is an international student-led organization that gives its members opportunities to serve the community, build character, and develop leadership skills. We don't make keys that open doors; we make keys that open opportunities!
Korea CLub Korea Club strives to provide a place for fans of K-pop, K-dramas, and other things brought by the Hallyu Wave to share their interests with other fans and to meet new people and friends with similar interests!
L-Connection L-Connection intends to provide a platform for ELD students and enable them to smoothly integrate into the community.
Leadership,Experience,Opportunity LEO stands for leadership, experience, and opportunity. LEO is a volunteer league club that emphasizes to provide service learning opportunities to students, allowing them to gain leadership skills while helping the local community.
LGBTQ+ LGBTQ+ Club aims to create a fun, safe, and comfortable environment for LGBTQ+ students and LGBTQ+ allies at AHS as well as putting out information about support events and volunteer opportunities around the bay area!
Linguistics We solve puzzles about quickly learning pieces of new languages in order to practice for the annual North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad.
Math We do math! Mostly, this is in our weekly practice sessions, and the competitions we prepare for and attend.
Medical Students of the Bay Area Medical Students of the Bay Area (MSBA): Interested in pursuing medicine or a career in healthcare, or just wanted to learn more? MSBA provides opportunities for students to meet guest speakers (professionals, medical students, etc) who are invited to visit our school to share their experiences, go on field trips, and gain more insight into these fields!
Model United Nations (website) We delegate today's world conflicts and learn about international relations. Follow this link for more information:
Musical Therapy The AHS Musical Therapy Club ia dedicated to serving the greater community through performing arts, specifically with music. Students will be able to broaden their experiences aiding those in need, finding a deeper appreciation and purpose for their musical talents.
Muslim Student Association The Afghan Student Association of more than 15 years strives to bring together the AHS student body in celebration of the culture and traditions of Afghanistan. To achieve this, through various outlets, the club aims to educate the school about the rich history, values, and celebrations shared by the Afghan community.
National Honor Society The AHS National Honor Society strives to give back to the community and allows students to perform acts of service, all while building essential leadership and teamwork skills to grow stronger relationships and communities.
Neuroscience The neuroscience clubs aim is to promote, teach, and conduct activities in order for our schools community to have the opportunity to learn about the neuroscience club, and possibly think about pursuing something in a related field. Our goal is to have informative meetings which will help the club members learn more about the brain and its functions (such as memory, emotion, senses, movement, sleep and more), prepare for the brain bee, as well as bring in neuroscientists to talk about their profession and inspire us.
Pathology Pathology is the study of the origin and processes of diseases, from the cellular and physiologic level to the whole animal. Pathology is exciting because it unified all aspects of medicine pathologists study of all diseases, be they infectious, neoplastic, metabolic, inflammatory, or otherwise... and they study all organ systems, from cardiology to neurology to dermatology and more. Pathology is fascinating, pathology is important, and pathology is beautiful. The pathology club stimulates student interest in clinical ana anatomic pathology. We offer many fun activities and there are great ways to get involved!
Photography To enhance the significance, betterment, and passion of photography in and out of American High.
Philosophy Philosophy club's goal is to help students understand how their perspective or "philosophy" can impact their lives. Through fun games, events, and forums, this club will make learning about philosophy exciting and informative.
Red Cross The American Red Cross alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies through disaster preparedness and health education. AHS Red Cross Club hosts CPR trainings, guest speaker presentations, East Bay liaison meetings, blood drives, and more. Students develop leadership skills and gain service hours through active involvement in the community!
Science and Ecology Hello! We are a club at American that promotes a more sustainable lifestyle and activities. Every Friday after school on campus we have our Gardening Team and Reuse Team that provide services hours. We also run the school's recycling program, host field trips/events with our Outreach Team, and joined with Project Venture to construct technology which collects, analyzes, and share environmental data to the public community. Join "AHS Sci & Eco club 2019-2020" Facebook page for updates!
Science Bowl AHS Science Bowl clubs provides science students an opportunity to use their academic science skills in competitions. Science Bowl offers competitions like Science Bowl, Biology Olympiad, Chemistry Olympiad and Physics Olympiad.
Science Olympiad Science Olympiad is a nation-wide team competition that encourages the growth of science through fun, diverse events. There are 15 members per team and 23 events in a vast range of scientific fields.
Sikh Honor and Service Society Sikh Honors and Service Society (SHSS) is a national organization aimed at empowering high school students through achieving academic excellence, engaging in community service, and upholding social injustice.
Speech and Debate Speech and Debate is a club where students are given the opportunity to practice and perfect their public speaking, arguing, and acting skills. We attend tournaments all over the state, allowing members to compete for a variety of prizes during the season.
Taiwanese Student Association TSA (Taiwanese Student Association) Club is a club at American High School. Our goal is to spread Taiwanese culture within our school through various workshops, lessons, and service opportunities! We are proud to represent all the Taiwanese students here at American, but we encourage anyone with an interest in Taiwanese culture to join!
Tri-M We discuss the music program's agenda (trips and events) and honor members who show high standards of conduct and musicianship.We discuss the music program's agenda (trips and events) and honor members who show high standards of conduct and musicianship.
UNICEF UNICEF Club brings students together to provide emergency relief for global humanitarian issues and brighten the future of disadvantaged children around the world, through various fundraisers and volunteer events. We believe all children have a right to survive, thrive, and fulfill their potential to the benefit of a better world.
Youth Alive Welcome to Youth Alive! We are a (Christian) faith-based student led club at American that invites and welcomes all people to come join us in fellowship, games, and special events!
Yoga and Meditation Yoga and Meditation Club aims to educate and provide opportunities for students at AHS to learn about the benefits of yoga and meditation and then practice yoga and meditation. We offer weekly FLEX sessions on Thursdays where students can de-stress and get hands-on experience doing yoga and meditation!