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'Violins of Hope' Visit American High School
Posted 2/4/20

'Violins of Hope' visited American High School January 30th. Currently on an eight-week tour of the Bay Area, Violins of Hope feature instruments played during the Holocaust. "Concentration camp musicians owed their lives to their instruments. The music they played lifted them above their cruel, day-to-day reality. It gave the musicians hope. And did the same for their fellow Jewish inmates. These instruments are the focal point of an impactful initiative designed to promote the power of hope through music." Local musician Cookie Segelstein - whose parents met at a Concentration Camp - played the instruments for AHS students and spoke of their significance to Jewish culture. Following the presentation, student-musicians were given the opportunity to play the historic instruments. See more photos here


Cooklie Segelstein talks about  Violins of Hope  at American High School.An American High School student plays a historic  Violin of Hope.