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R. Reibenschuh-AP Locker

R. Reibenschuh-AP

Assistant Principal, Rob Reibenschuh: Office C

I am truly excited about this new school year. We have added new teachers to our World Language, Math, Special Education and English departments, we have added two new counselors, and we have replaced a long time administrator with a new one.  We have moved offices, moving all of our attendance clerks from the Rotunda to our main office; moving our accounts clerk from the main office into the Rotunda, and making other essential office changes. Even I have moved from my office of eight years to a new office, Office C, still in the Rotunda.

Academically, all of the schools in Fremont Unified School District are moving towards implementing the Common Core Standards in their curriculum.  The CCSS does not just mean new standards for our students to master, but also means integrating new teaching techniques to encourage students to be actively engaged in their learning, to think more critically and deeply about not only the correct response, but also on "how we got to that answer", while also developing 21st Century career and college skills.

What an exciting and challenging year ahead of us.

Mr. Reibenschuh at leisure
Cancun, Mexico