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Mei-feng Howell



If you would like Mrs. Howell to write a letter of recommendation for the college application, here is the checklist for you.

  1. Wait until the school year starts.
  2. Email Mrs. Howell by Oct 1st, 2020.
  3. Check to see if Mrs. Howell accepts your request.  
  4. Email Mrs. Howell both items listed below by October 4th Friday, 2020.  Be sure to highlight the first due date.  Try to send me materials for all colleges at once. 
  • A paragraph of evens that help me remember what a wonderful student you were when you were in my class.
  • Counselor profile packet.

5. Follow up on your end to see if the letter is submitted with the college portal.  If not, email Mrs. Howell again in case I missed the email especially if you apply to more than one.

6. Say thank you to Mrs. Howell.

AP Statistics: How well can you predict Mrs. Howell's height?

Activity: How well can you predict Mrs. Howell’s height?


1. Click on the link to answer the questions? Everyone answers the questions after you measure your hand span and height.


2. After the whole class is done collecting data.  Click this one to access the data.  Individually, use the data from your period to draw the scatter plot. Describe the scatterplot.  Use a ruler and a graph paper for this report.  Title the graph, label the graph with units, and scale the graph.  One report per person.


3. Identify the explanatory variable and response variable.  Check the three conditions before you run the regression(numerical variables, residual plot, and outliers). Make sure you name the variables while stating the condition, draw the residual plot and explain how it shows that the scatterplot is straight enough, describe how the outliers influence or not influence the regression. 


4. Calculate the regression equation and the correlation coefficient?  Explain the meaning of the correlation coefficient.


5. Explain the meaning of the slope.


6. Calculate the R2.  Explain the meaning of the R2.


7. Mrs. Howell's hand span is 16.5 cm and height is 150 com.  Predict Mrs. Howell's height.  What is the residual?  Did you overestimate or underestimate?



The report is due at the end of the class today.


Language Survey

Please answer the survey questions here.  You will receive one extra credit point on the test if you fill out the survey.


Thank you.

Google Classroom Codes

Period 2: ty7ti4


Period 3: 0n7a66i


Period 5: jc539ay


Period 6: l6o8xg

AP Statistics Syllabus



AP Statistics Syllabus: Mrs. Howell (2018-19)



Tel: (510) 796-1776 ex. 57523

School Loop:




David E. Bock, Paul F. Velleman, and Richard D. DeVeaux   Stats Modeling the World 2nd edition  Boston: Pearson Education Inc. ISBN: 0-13-187623-6


Course Description


This course will cover graphical displays of data, measure central tendencies of data, explore data distributions, explore bivariate data and frequency tables, develop strategies to test hypotheses, explore probability, make statistical inferences, and test for significance at various levels of confidence. The chi-square, normal, and t distributions will be studied.


Topics of Study


Data Analysis: categorical data and quantitative data, two-way tables, line graphs, pie charts, bar graphs, histograms, normal model,


Relationships between variables: scatterplots, association and correlation, regressions


Gathering Data: Simulations, Surveys, Experiments, Observational Studies


Probability: Randomness, Random Variables, Probability Rules, Geometric Probability, Binomial Probability, Normal Probability


Statistical Inferences: Sampling Distributions for both means and proportions, Confidence Intervals, z-tests, t-tests, chi-square tests, regression tests


Classroom Rules


  1. Students are expected to be in their seat when the bell rings or you are late.  Being on time is a form of participation.  If you are late, you will sign the tardy warning paper.  First-time teacher warning.  Second time warning again with a phone call home.  Third time warning with a phone call home and a detention issued by Mrs. Howell.  A principle referral will be written on the fourth tardy. (see school policy)
  2. No cellular phone, iPod, or other inappropriate electronic devices allowed during the instructional hours without permission. (see school policy)
  3. Absent students are responsible for catching up on the missed assignment.  If there is any worksheet for you to pick up, it will be placed in the “absent work pick up box.”  Students with excused absences have the same number of days as an absence to complete the work.  Please place your make-up-absent-work in the “absent work turn in box.”  If you are absent on the days that works are returned, your work will be placed in the “returned work tray.”  You are responsible for picking them up on your own.
  4. Only students who are absent with an excused reason will be allowed to make up work.
  5. No late work except notebooks.  Late notebooks will be half credit if turned in the next day.  After one instructional day, no late notebook will be accepted.    If you don’t have your work with you during assignment check, it is considered not done. 
  6.  If you have an IEP or 504 plan about extended time for accommodation, a conversation with me will help better understand how much more time you need.  Prior arrangement for an extended time is welcome.  Otherwise, the “as needed” is based on my observation about how fast you work in class.
  7. Absolutely no cheating.  (see school website for Academy Honesty Policy)
  8. Test dates and assignment due dates can be found on the whiteboard in the front of the classroom.  Grades will be posted in the School Loop.
  9. Please sign the check-in and check-out sheet for going to the bathroom.  The school standard is that students should not be let out of class in the first and last 10 minutes of class.  Restroom pass is a privilege.  Respect it.  If you overuse it, you can lose the privilege.  If you have a special circumstance, please let me know. 
  10. No food, gum, drinks, or hat allowed in the classroom. (except bottled water)




Grades will be based on knowledge or concept attainment, skills or processes, critical thinking, reasoning, and communication through reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  No rounding.  Keep in mind the School Loop is a communication tool.  It is a work in progress.  It usually does not include the most recent work.  The posting is not final until the semester grade.


15%     Assignments, Participation, Activities, Practices                               

85%     Random Assignment Checks, Quizzes, Tests, and Final


100.0%---90.0% A      89.99%---80.00% B    79.99%---70.00% C    69.99---60.00%D

<60.00% F




Two notebooks, three red pens, pencils, a textbook, and a graphing calculator (TI-83: class instruction will use this type.)  If need assistance acquiring these materials, please speak with Ms. Howell, your counselor, or your Assistant Principal.




Lesson notes and textbook exercises go into the notebook.  You should start doing the work as Mrs. Howell starts the chapter.  If you have any questions from the textbook exercises, there are several ways you can help yourself at home first.  You can check the solutions I post in the School Loop Locker to see how the similar questions are answered.  You can search online to learn the concept and then put the answers in your own words. (See school policy for plagiarism at AHS website.)  I will invite questions from you once the concept is taught.  When the chapter is done, all textbook exercises should be done as well.  Then you continue the next chapter exercises.  Repeat the process until I collect your notebook.  Start the other notebook.  We will swap the notebook when I collect one from you.  If you are absent on a note-taking day, be sure you copy down the note from your classmate upon return.  I will do random assignment checks to make sure you are not falling behind.  You should have your notebook with you every day.  If your notebook is not with you, the work is considered not done.  Notebook collection dates will be posted on the whiteboard in the classroom. 


Available Help:


You can make an appointment with me for additional help during the flex time.


Accelerated Algebra 2/Pre-Calculus Syllabus

Algebra 2/Precalculus Accelerated Course Syllabus



Teacher:  Mei-feng Howell                    


Room 13                                                 

Contact: 510-796-1776 ex. 57813

  1. Course Description


This course fulfills the high school graduation requirement of a half year of Algebra 2 and a year of Precalculus, as well as meeting UC admission requirements. This course will cover seven critical focus areas: 1) complex number system, 2) vector and matrix quantities, 3) seeing structure in expressions, 4) reasoning with equations and inequalities, 5) interpreting functions, 6, building functions, and 7) statistics and probability


Topics include:

Polynomial, rational, radical, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions.

Sequences and series, data analysis and statistics, analytic trigonometry, polar coordinates, vectors, matrices, , and limits.



Big Ideas Math. Algebra 2 by Ron Larson and Laurie Boswell. 2010.

Precalculus: Mathematics for Calculus by James Stewart, Lothar Redlin, and Saleem Watson.



The materials for this course are a binder with three dividers, graph paper, a ruler, pencils, colored pencils, and erasers. Students should bring these along with the Student’s Journal to every class. Scientific calculators will be needed for a few units and not allowed for all the others. Graphing calculators are strongly recommended.  If need assistance acquiring these materials, please speak with Ms. Howell, your counselor, or your Assistant Principal.


  1. Homework and Class Work Expectations and Policies


Homework will be assigned Monday and due Friday weekly. Late work will only be accepted for excused absences.  Online assignments will be assigned Monday and due Friday 8:00 am.


Class work: Organize and staple your class work before you come into the classroom on test dates.  It will be collected as you walk in.


Students are expected to:

  • Do all work in a timely manner.  Do not procrastinate.
  • If the work is not an online assignment, present their work in a neat, clear, organized way. Just giving the answer is not acceptable. For full credit, you need to show all relevant drawings, proof steps, formulas, algebraic operations that will demonstrate that you know how to solve the problem fully. Copy essential given from each problem.  Use tools to draw diagrams or graphs.
  • Come prepared to class, bring the textbooks, classwork, graph paper, and scientific and graphing calculators.
  • Participate in class by paying attention, taking good notes, asking questions, volunteering answers.
  • Work cooperatively in groups, help classmates, work on the board and with partners, and contribute to discussions.


Test dates will be posted in the School Loop.  All completed tests will be made available for review in class; however, the teacher will retain control of them. Cheating will result in zero credit on the given work, a referral to an administrator, and parent contact. Cheating policies can be found on the AHS website under “Policies”.

Make-Up Work

Students will be allowed to make up missed work only if they had an excused absence. Students will have exactly one week to turn in their missed assignment. If you are absent more than five school days and need more than a week, please make an arrangement with me upon return.  It is the students’ responsibility to get the missed assignments and to make arrangements to make up any missed test.  If you are absent on test dates, you will take the make-up test the day upon return unless prearranged differently for a special reason.

Available Help:

You can make an appointment with me for additional help during the flex time.

Communication with the teacher:

I would prefer communication via School Loop mail or e-mail, which is listed above. Parents can also set up an appointment with me by sending an e-mail and suggesting the most convenient day for that. If you have an IEP or 504 plan about extended time for accommodation, a conversation with me will help better understand how much more time you need.  Prior arrangement for an extended time is welcome.  Otherwise, the “as needed” is based on my observation about how fast you work in class.


  1. Class Rules

Aside from all the standard school rules,

  • Be in your assigned seat, ready to work, when the tardy bell rings
  • Show respect to your instructor and to other students
  • Do not leave or change your assigned seat without permission
  • Remain in your seat until after you are dismissed upon the finishing bell
  • Keep your area clean at all times
  • No personal grooming, chewing gum, eating, or drinking (bottled water is allowed)
  • Absolutely no headphones, cell phones or other electronic devices besides scientific/graphing calculators are allowed in class.
  • Bathroom: The school requires that students do not leave class in the first and last 10 minutes of class. Those with special (medical) circumstances requiring the use of a bathroom require the teacher to be notified by parents/guardians or by school personnel beforehand.  Sign out and sign in with me each time when you use the privilege.




Course grades are cumulative through the end of each semester, and progress reports are issued quarterly. Student performance will be assessed in the categories listed below and weighted scores will determine the letter grade. The Semester Final scores are recorded into the regular tests category.


Weighted Categories:

Assignments, Participation, Activities, Practices: 15%

Random Assignment Checks, Quizzes, Tests, and Final: 85%

100.0%---90.0% A            89.99%---80.00% B    79.99%---70.00% C   

69.99---60.00%D              <60.00% F

No rounding.  Keep in mind the School Loop is a communication tool.  It is a work in progress.  It usually does not include the most recent work.  The posting is not final until the semester grade.  Students can dispute a test/assignment grade within one period after the grade is published.

Students with a grade below will be recommended to change the schedule to Pre-Calculus if space is available for the second semester with parent approval.


Strategies for Success:

  • Study every day.
  • Work on assignments every day.
  • Review often.
  • Be active in class.
  • Take advantage of tutoring and your teacher’s assistance.
  • Read written sections of the chapter from the textbook.

Parents / Guardians:  Your participation in encouraging your child and helping him or her at home is very important and greatly appreciated.  If a question arises, please feel free to call me at school, send a note with your child, e-mail me or make an appointment to meet with me

AP Statistics:Rolling Down the Hill

Period 2


Period 5


Period 6

Big Idea Online Textbook login



In order to login to Clever​, use the following address :




  • ​Username GAFE account  

    • Example:

  • Password Welcome!

It will take you to reset your password.  Be sure to write down your password and don't forget it.  I don't have control for resetting password from my account.

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