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J. Von Furst


Dear Parents,

Welcome to the American High School family. I am your child's Special Education Resource Specialist. I have been a Special Education Teacher since 2003. 


I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Education from Northwestern University, a Masters in Interdisciplinary Arts Education from Columbia College, with post-graduate work at Stanford, & San Francisco State University.  I have previously taught in San Francisco, Chicago, Oakland, and for the Navajo Tribal Schools in Ramah, New Mexico as part of the Northwestern University Ethnographic Field School Exchange. 


I have Clear California Teaching Certifications in Secondary Social Studies + Art, Special Education, Cross-Cultural and Language Development (CLAD), and Autism Education.  For two summers, I held summer internships with the Industry Initiatives for Math and Science Educators (IISME) programs and returned to work in a Silicon Valley company.


Prior to re-entering the Education field in 2003, I worked for 20 years in High Tech & Information Systems, directing corporate personal computing resources for technology companies such as Microsoft, Adobe, and Industrial Light + Magic.  I use this work experience as examples in my teaching to develop 21st-century skills, so that students are prepared for the real work world awaiting them on high school graduation.

I look forward to working with you so that together we can help your child have a happy, successful time in American High School.


Janine Von Furst

My Schedule 2018-2019
My Schedule 2018-2019