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S. Kline Locker

S. Kline

AHS PE Syllabus



PE 9,10, 11/12  x57610




American High School’s Physical Education program is designed to enhance students’ physical skills, sportsmanship, self-respect, and socialization skills.


Activities include individual, dual, and team sports. Dance, physical fitness, physical fitness testing and swimming are also part of the curriculum. 




  1. Physical Education shorts red or blue dependent on grade level.
  2. Physical Education t-shirt gray or blue dependent on grade level. (NO sleeveless shirts). 
  3. Tennis shoes and socks.
  4. Solid, navy blue sweat pants and/or sweatshirt. No other colors acceptable!
  5. Physical Education shirt and shorts will be worn under sweatshirts and sweatpants.
  6. Hats/beanies are allowed if they are American High School Physical Education acceptable.
  7. Street clothes may not be worn under P.E. clothes—this will result as a Non-Dress and a loss of all daily points.
  8. No non-A.H.S.P.E. hats, no cell phones, no music players of any kind may be used or taken out to P.E. area. This includes times during the dressing periods before and after roll is taken and when students are sent in to the locker rooms to dress.
  9. Colored scarves to designate teams will be used during the end of year(Semester 2) PE9 and PE10 Olympics.



        1. Students will dress in proper attire every day for P.E. 
        2. Clean clothes are recommended and expected on a weekly basis.
        3. Shirts may NOT be worn inside out.
        4. Swim Unit - students are expected to wear appropriate swimwear ( per teacher discussion prior to units commencement). NO cut-off jeans. T-shirts may be worn over swimsuits. Anything else can be worn and the student can cover themselves as much as needed.
        5. Any student wearing another student’s clothing will receive a non-dress, will lose all daily points and be given a behavior referral. 





  1. NON-dress = 0 points.

Third NON-dress = Parent/guardian may be notified


  1. Each student may be assigned a locker, if desired. Sharing of lockers is prohibited.
  2. Each student should bring his/her own combination lock and students will provide their combinations to the coaches. LOCKERS SHOULD BE LOCKED!
  3. Any students not out of the locker room when it is locked for class may receive a detention.

EXPECTED LEVEL OF BEHAVIOR—Any violation of rules may result in detention or referral or loss of daily grade points:

  • Students are to wait in the locker rooms or gym during the dress period at the end of class
  • Please do not spit around or near others and activity areas
  • Be respectful to other students and/or teachers
  • Respect equipment and/or buildings
  • Use school appropriate language and refrain from cursing
  • Sharing of lockers is prohibited
  • Please be safe without horseplay in locker rooms, PE fields/courts or pool area
  • Follow directions given by ANY teacher
  • Music players, headphones, etc. aren't allowed in class time
  • Cell phones are only to be used with a teachers permission
  • No non A.H.S.P.E. hats
  • Lock your personal items up so they cannot be stolen
  • Be on time
  • Try your best
  •  Gum chewing isn't allowed in class, inside or outside
  • Freshmen will write a paper for the dance unit using school’s plagiarism policy will be enforced. Go to the American High School website and look under “Policies” to find this.







PARENT NOTES (0  Points)

Parents or guardians may excuse students from activity for up to three days. If more than 3 days is needed, a doctor’s note is required. Parent notes will be accepted the day of the students’ non-participation or the following day only. These days can be made up during 0 period PE if arranged with your teacher,as no points are awarded/earned for a parent note day. 




Students should not enroll in PE classes if they have a current injury or illness that prohibits physical activity for an extended amount of time. (i.e. surgery recovery, broken bones, mono, etc.). If an injury or illness occurs during the middle of a semester, the teacher, the student, the advisor, and parent may work out a reasonable solution to ensure fair credit is awarded. However, a student will be unable to receive credit if 25 or more days of class are missed in a semester and the student will get an incomplete for the course.

No points are earned during medical excuse times These days can be made up during 0 period PE if arranged with your teacher, as no points are awarded or earned for a medical excuse.






Grades are based on a positive grading scale.

5 points a day are awarded for punctuality, effort, dressing in proper PE attire (this point value may vary depending on the activity), participation in exercising, stretching, running and daily activity plus attitude towards the class content, fellow students and teachers.

Weekly runs (pacer and lap running) and daily activities may be awarded varying points throughout the semester. 2/3 of all runs and 2/3 of all swim unit days must be completed during the semester or an incomplete will be given. Runs and swim days missed can be made up during Zero period PE10, if arranged with teacher. Make-up credit for absences and runs will be awarded in chronological date order.

Grades can be checked weekly on Schoolloop.

Grades are not rounded up or down.