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L. Eisenhart

Be Kind.  Work Hard.


The key to any successful relationship is communication.  For students, the most effective way to contact me is in person any time before school and during class or at lunch and after school by appointment.  For students who need me after school or for parents/guardians, the most effective way to contact me is via email or Loopmail.  Here, we can address any questions you have or establish a time to meet in person or talk over the phone.  I will be unable to answer phone calls during class, as my attention will be devoted to students.  Please, let me know how I can best help you to succeed.

Why You Should Take Psychology in HIgh School

Psychology is a great course to take if the student is college-bound. Nearly every higher level institution, whether it is a community college or university, requires every student to take an Introduction to Psychology course, regardless of their major. The Psychology course at AHS is a great tool to prepare students for college. Demonstrations and hands-on learning help to further their understanding of the course content.  This course aims to answer the question, "What makes people behave the way they do in certain situations?"  

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Teaching Schedule

Per. 1 - CP Psychology 

Per. 2 - AP Psychology 

Per. 3 - AP Psychology 

Per. 4 - Teacher Preparation

Per. 5 - AP Psychology 

Per. 6 - CP Psychology