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WELCOME to American Enrollment

Sri Yeung (Registrar)

Phone: 510-796-1776 Ext. 57225

Fax: 510-791-5331


YOU CAN PICK UP THE ENROLLMENT PACKET & INSTRUCTIONS ANYTIME BETWEEN 8:30 AM AND 3:30 PM OR you can download the forms from the document locker at the left (2019-2020 Application Packets).

  • Please be sure that the documents you submit, especially transcripts and immunizations, are current and in English.  
  • Students entering 10th,11th,12th grade MUST have transcripts from the prior school and proof of withdrawal, in English. Students entering 9th grade must have 7th & 8th grade report cards/transcript.
  • Enrollment is by appointment only.
  • Please go to the link below to schedule an appointment for enrollment. Bring all required documents with you. Allow 30-45 minutes for the appointment
  • (please enter your info carefully)

There will be Math placement test for Incoming 9th Grader on Thursday, August 22nd, 2019 from 3:30 to 5:30 pm in the American High School Theater 50.

IMPORTANT: Please see the enrollment instructions (in the document Registrar Locker) for information about:

  • Special Education / IEP - you can go directly to FUSD district office - Special Services - anytime during the summer, and complete a 30 day placement request.
  • Caregiver Affidavits (if student is living with someone other than parent/legal guardian) issued by Student Support Services by appointment only. Go to the FUSD Website, Enrollment tab to make an appointment.
  • Declaration of Residency (if you do not hold the lease or you live with someone else) issued by Student Support Services by appointment only. Go to the FUSD Website, Enrollment tab to make an appointment.

NOTE: WE DO NOT PRE-ENROLL students coming from out-of-state or out-of-country. Once the student is in Fremont, their family has established permanent residency in our attendance area and can provide residence documentation, the parent/guardian may complete the enrollment packet and make an appointment. We cannot make exceptions to this policy.


American High School is not open for Inter District Transfer


All Alumni Transcripts are available from

ALL VERIFICATIONS ARE PROCESSED THROUGH  YOU MUST attach the former student's signed release of information. Be sure you have the correct grad year & maiden name.  

All requests are processed and approved within 48 hours.  Summer requests for 2005-current will be processed weekly.

We do not accept phone, email or fax requests for verification.