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Senior Guide & EAP

Information for Seniors, Class of 2018

Senior Calendar 


Make a list of colleges that you are thinking about applying to on Naviance Family Connections 


Apply for scholarships!  If you have not looked here for scholarship information, please do that.  Scholarships mean FREE money!  Filling out scholarship applications could be the best-paying, part-time job you will ever have! 


Workshops and seminars:  Counselors presented a flyer in September with college application information as well as the dates of the workshops and seminars 

Senior Parent Morning Chat  

CSU Application Workshop
UC Application Workshop

Private University Letter of Recommendation Workshop

Financial Aid FAFSA Application Workshop

Second semester workshops:  

Ohlone Community College Application Workshop

Ohlone Community College on-campus testing



Fill out your FAFSA!  Thinking about how you are going to pay for college and financial aid?  We want every student to fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) so that it is on file if the family needs to use it.  Get more details here.  At that site, learn about what this important document is.  Get instructions for filling out the FAFSA here.  


For AB 540 Dream Act students, learn more here and here.


The Cal Grant- 

Please note: You no longer have to fill out a paper form. Just fill out your FAFSA! 



Ordering transcripts?  Look for the Quicklink on the front page.  Send a transcript by ordering one ONLY when asked to by the UC and CSU administration.  


Go to the Fremont Unified College Fair at the Ohlone College Gymnasium.  Talk to admissions representatives from more than 90 public and private colleges, universities, military academies and ROTC programs.   


Save money sending your SAT and ACT scores!  Order your SAT/ACT scores to be sent to the UC's and CSU's:  If you applied to a UC, sending your scores to one UC will send the scores to all UC's.  If you are applying to CSU's, sending your scores to "CSU Mentor", code 3594, will send the score to all the CSU's.  Need an SAT or ACT fee waiver?  See your counselor before they are all given out.   As a general reminder, SAT or ACT must be taken no later than December and for some colleges earlier; check with individual college. SAT or ACT must be completed no later than October for early decision/action applications. Check with your colleges to find out their deadlines.  

IMPORTANT!  Seniors, The 2016 EAP Results Are  Available

The Early Assessment Program (for College Readiness) is also known as the E.A.P.

What is the  Early Assessment Program?  FAQ's


The EAP exam was given in the junior year to determine college readiness in English and math for the CSU system and some CCC's (California Community Colleges).  


Seniors access their EAP results online here.  


Did you get a "Not Ready" in the math portion?  

Learn about the CSU's Entry Level Math Requirement ELM here.    


Did you get a "Not Ready" in the English portion?  Read this. 

Learn about the CSU's English Placement Test / EPT and all of your options for that test here. 


There are time-sensitive opportunities available for Seniors, as it relates to their EAP results. Students receiving  'Conditionally Ready' in math and/or English may still earn exemption from having to take the CSU and most California Community College CCC placement tests, as well as avoid remediation in college by virtue of their conditional ready score combined with a 'C' or better in a qualifying senior-year course. Learn more about the exemptions


Student and Parent Questions?  Contact Claudia Quezada at the California State University, East Bay Early Assessment Program Office:


Graduation Requirements for Fremont Unified and American High School

By the time students become seniors, they should have a minimum of 170 units/credits and be enrolled in six (6) classes to be on track for graduation in June. Parents, please keep in close contact with your students teachers to make certain he/she is making progress towards graduation. 


In order to attend Grad Night and walk in the graduation ceremony, students must have completed 230 units/credits in the required subjects, earned 40 service learning hours (see below), and cleared all debts.  For students to attend the Senior Ball, students must have their service learning requirement completed and cleared all debts.


You need 40 service learning hours to graduate from high school! Do not wait until the last minute. The activities used to meet this requirement MUST be PRE-APPROVED. Students should obtain pre-approval from Mrs. Serena Johnson in Rm. 301. Our website has more information about service learning.


One (1) year of Algebra 1 must be completed to earn a high school diploma.  


Graduation Requirements Summary

English 40 credits

Math 30 credits

Science 20 credits

Social Science 30 credits

Fine Arts/Foreign Language 10 credits

Physical Education 20 credits

Health 5 credits

Electives 75 credits


Total 230 credits

In addition to the following:  

Algebra 1 Requirement: A passing grade in both semesters of Algebra 1

Service Learning Requirement: 40 hours