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Thinking about attending a California State University?  Start here if you are just getting started.  Parents can start here.

CSUMentor is the only place to apply online to all 23 CSU campuses.  You can open up a student  account early.   

 Admission Application Instructions for the CSUMentor Online Application:  Click here. 

Juniors:  What is The Early Assessment Program EAP?

The CSU Success Program helps students improve their English and math skills in preparation for the Early Assessment Program (EAP) exam to test college readiness.   The EAP is an optional exam that students took during their junior  year and which can help students find out early if they are on track for being ready for freshman college-level English and math.  Seniors are now able to see their results on the same paperwork that was sent home to show the CST results, as well as online.  Reviewing the results will help you find out what steps are needed to prepare for college-level English and math courses. 

Seniors / 12th Graders:

Did you took the Early Assessment Program is an assessment that juniors can add to their annual testing.  

Check out what the American High School Senior Guide says about the EAP.  

Impacted (Full) Majors and Campuses in the CSU System

A college major or college campus is designated as "impacted" when the number of qualified applicants exceeds the number of available spaces. Such majors or campuses are authorized to use supplementary admission criteria to screen applications.

What is the Education Opportunity Program (EOP) and what can it do for me?

Save money! Read this and find out how to use SAT code 3594 and save!

SAT –  The "CSUMentor Code" is 3594

You can list CSUMentor as an SAT score recipient. The SAT institution code for CSUMentor is 3594. Listing 3594 will send your score to all CSU campuses for one price. CSUMentor will then store your scores for ALL CSU campuses to utilize. If you have not yet sent your scores to either a CSU campus or to CSUMentor, you can request this here.

Take a look at the "bottom line"'with this CSU and UC Comparison Chart of minimum Freshman Admission Requirements.  This also includes information about validation of D and F grades in required courses. Look for "CSU-UC a-g Subject Requirements" from that list.

Take a look at the campus costs for attending a CSU.   Can you afford college?  With parent contributions,  financial aid, loans, grants and work-study programs, yes you can!

And last, the "mother lode" of admissions information for the CSU's:   Admission Handbook!  Warning, it's detailed!  See your counselor if you have questions.