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Tutoring & Homework Help

Download the AHS Dept and Teacher Tutoring Schedule for the school year.  

School Loop email the teachers to check to see if they are still keeping to this schedule or to make other arrangements.  Here is the math tutoring flyer for 2018-2019 School Year. 


Check your "green sheets", the class syllabus, for further information on office hours for the teacher.  Students should have a copy of their "green sheets" for all their classes.  Find the course syllabus or green sheets in the teacher's School Loop Locker or on the class webpage.  Not there?  Send a School Loop email and ask for it. 


Teacher's name not on the list?  Many teachers have office time before school, during lunch or brunch, and even after school.  Check with your teacher.  It is perfectly ok to School Loop email them and ask if you don't know.  

At American, AVID has an after school homework help program and here's the flyer with all the info.


Avid and other students are available after school with student-to-student homework help.  If you need help understanding the concepts behind the homework, then this may be the study center for you.  The flyer downloads from here.

Did you know that the Alameda County Public Library has an interactive, live tutor program?  

Interact with live tutors in math, science, reading/writing, social studies, PSAT/SAT.


LIVE TUTORING help: Mon- SUN from 1:00 pm to 10:00 pm. That means they are open every day of the week!  When you get to the site, check out the other services available, including a writing lab where you can submit essays for constructive feedback.  You will need a Fremont Public Library card to get a tutor.   On the site, enter your Alameda County Libraries library card ID number.   Teachers, share this poster with your students.  
Currently, students who have used this site are saying that they only had to wait a couple of minutes for their turn. Be patient and review the text and notes materials for the subject you are getting help for while you wait.  If it is no longer an active site, please let Ms. Ayriss in office G know.  
Note:  After setting up your account, there is a Brain Fuse smart phone app that you can use here


Need Help in a math class?  Talk to your math teacher about the AFTER SCHOOL MATH LAB AT AMERICAN HIGH.  Your math teacher has the latest updates to the times and locations.  


Learn for Free with Khan Academy Online! 

Check out the free study guides available with these free online programs.  Yes, they have test prep.  These same programs have academic study guides as well.  


Do you need to study for an Advanced Placement class exam?  Great!  We have you covered with SHMOOP and it's free!

Looking for a way to study for an Advanced Placement class at American?  We have that covered with Shmoop!  Use the magic word, compliments of Fremont Unified.  Click here for Shmoop