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Parents Sign up for School Loop Today

Parents Sign up For School Loop Today

Information about School Loop and How Parents Register for an Account

School Loop is the name of the company that hosts the new AHS communication tool. School Loop provides us with a web based communications utility that allows parents and students to keep in touch with teachers and other staff members. Teachers can maintain their own sections of the website. In addition to the public website, the School Loop Utility allows the school staff to create news and calendar events that are viewable only for registered users, such as parents, students, teachers and staff, when they log in to the website.


How to Register:

In School Loop Plus parents and caregivers self-register by going to the school's School Loop web site and clicking on the Register Now button. They will need their student's ID# to complete the form. Registration literally takes less than two minutes.


TIP:  Once logged in, parents can add additional children to their account by clicking on the Add Student link from the Tool Box at the top right of their Portal Page

More about School Loop 

Why should I register for School Loop?

When students and parents register for School Loop they will be able to receive news and see calendar events that are posted strictly for students and parents. Some teachers will use School Loop to post events for their class and post class assignments. Registering will allow you to receive news from the teacher of your child.


How do I register for School Loop?

Students and Parents need to have the student’s permanent id number in order to register.  The permanent ID is found on many school documents and your child's ID card.  On the front page of our AHS website, choose Parent Registration.  Fill in the form.


How do I become “Approved” as a parent on School Loop?

At least once a week, the school staff will review new parents that have registered to be sure they are really parents at the school, and “approve” them.


What is a “challenge”? 

If you believe someone has falsely registered as your child’s parent or as your child and the school staff didn’t catch it, please use the “Challenge” feature to let the staff know so we can investigate and remove them


What is the daily “Homework email”? 

Registered parents and students will receive a daily homework email that will show current news from the school and their own teachers.


Some teachers may begin adding current assignments to the website, and these will be received in an email by the registered students and parents. These items will also be viewable when the students/parents log in to their portal on the website.

Teachers will continue to encourage students to write assignments down to help them develop good habits of self-organization. Please encourage your child to take personal responsibility for getting organized and managing time to complete his or her schoolwork and study for upcoming tests and quizzes. However, where this has been a challenge for you and your child, School Loop empowers you. You should know if your child has been assigned homework and even when the next quiz or test is. This is only true for teachers who are using the School Loop program.


Can I turn off the daily homework email?

If you don’t want to read the daily homework email each day, feel free to delete it. If you wish to turn it off, you can go to the Account Management area in your portal to turn it off. You will still be able to log in to the School Loop portal to view current news and assignments.


Will all teachers post assignments and grades in School Loop?

Teachers are not required to add assignments or use the grade book.  The more staff members, students and parents use this system, the better and stronger, better and easier it will become for all users.


What else can teachers and students do with School Loop?

Assignments area: Students can ask questions about assignments by posting a message; both the teacher and other students can make responses to the questions. (This discussion feature can also be a way for teachers to set up an online discussion assignment, a technique that some research suggests can improve student writing.)


Dropbox tool: Teachers can have students submit assignments using the digital drop box.


Groups: Teachers can create groups to allow students in different sections of the same course to have an online discussion. This has primarily been used by the high school teachers, but some fifth grade teachers have been discussing a cross district group for their students.


My Locker: Students can save files in the “My Locker” area and download them to continue working on them at home or at school, or on any Internet connected computer.


Web Page Lockers: In web page lockers, teachers can easily share documents and website links with website visitors.


LoopMail: Students can easily email other students or teachers and staff when needed using the LoopMail tool.  Teachers can use Loop Mail to return assignments to students.


How can I change my password or contact email address in School Loop?

You can change your password and contact email in the Account Management section. This section is in the top right of your portal.


What else can parents do with School Loop to improve school to home communication?

Booster groups may choose to create groups (such as PTA or foundation work). Group members can add events to a group calendar, add documents to a shared document “locker” and have an online discussion, using the group as a space for coordinating activities and involving parents and staff who cannot come to face to face meetings.