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ONLINE classes for college prep and credit recovery

UC and CSU A-G College Prep Classes: AHS and other sources



I received a D or F grade at AHS and I want to take online school class to fix that.  What do I do?

Fremont Unified has a policy regarding accepting units for credit recovery towards graduation requirements from online institutions. It was determined that those institutions currently approved by the UC/CSU system may be used to recover credits. The list of approved schools and their approved classes may change at any time and is based upon the UC and CSU pre-approved online high schools. Students who are considering taking online classes for graduation requirements should have a meeting with their counselor and develop a credit recovery contract. Students need to consult with their counselor and make arrangements with a contract before registering for a class.  


Students who take online classes to repeat classes for D grades need to know that these classes will not be posted on your AHS transcript. This is a district policy.  Instead, students will self-report the online classes on their college application. Students must be able to obtain their own official transcripts and send them to university.  


For students who need to recover from a final F grade and receive credit towards graduation requirements, please meet with your counselor to learn about the district's policy about online classes and graduation requirements.   For credit recovery/graduation purposes, DO NOT register for a class before obtaining a signed Credit Recovery CONTRACT between you, your counselor, your parents/guardians and American HS administration.


Using Online Schools and Community College  to take classes to satisfy the A-G college prep list.  

 Click here to see the UC A-G List.  Click here for the CSU A-G List.  

  • Please note, we have all the classes right here at American High School! 

  • Go to UC List of Approved Courses and type in “AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL” or our  ATP CODE  in search bar:  050974​.  Generally, it is not necessary for students to look elsewhere to satisfy the A-G.  We have them here at American.   

  • Many ROP classes also satisfy the A-G.  Just type "Mission Valley ROP Fremont" in the search bar.

  • Community College classes can satisfy the A-G:   For community colleges, use the same site and search under the name of the community college.  ​

  • With the link above, you can see a list of Online Schools and their approved courses.  Use the filter to select "Online" courses or schools.  

When applying to college, students will list the alternative school (online or community college) and courses separately from AHS high school’s courses on CSU / UC application.  Seniors send in the final, official transcripts from all schools on the college application, including any online or community college schools.  Again, we have all the required classes for college prep here at American High.  



For our math classes, students cannot take an online class for a grade improvement of a D or F and then use it to satisfy the prerequisite for advanced math.  We encourage students to take Fremont Unified Summer School classes in the district.   In addition, students cannot advance in math or world languages by taking online classes to qualify for the prerequisite for our advanced class at AHS.  For example, a student who takes an online Algebra 2 with Trigonometry will not be permitted to take AHS Precal or other advanced class here at American. The student will have to take our math sequence in order.   


Online UC and CSU courses!

There are two programs available to the general public for personal enrichment.  However, no information is given about A-G.  For this reason, parents must consult with the admissions office at the universities that their child will be applying to.   We provide the links for convenience only.  

University of California ONLINE courses available to High School students

And specifically, here for the information for HS students.