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Summer Program and Internship Information

For all the contacts listed, please be advised that AHS Counselors and Fremont Unified want you to know that parents are responsible for checking the integrity and safety of these programs and their representative contacts.    Please inform Ms. Ayriss when any of this information becomes obsolete.  

Students can be active during the summer vacation by volunteering, getting a job, interning with a company that relates to the students’ interests, or participating in academic programs that enhance their high school learning and that tie into the student’s interests. The goal is to be engaged and active doing something that you enjoy.  

If interested, summer programs are a great way to gain hands on experiences in a variety of areas.  Please note, that these programs are optional and not required for college admissions.   

There are many ways to find summer activities and information about internships on the internet.  You can find local summer activities with this link.   Thank you FUSS for Schools of Fremont for making this list available. 

In addition, there is a new website called In Play which lists summer and year-long enrichment programs in the Bay Area.  

Stanford University Labs and other STEM / Science Programs are listed here for the 2018-19 school year.   Additional Summer Science resources are listed at the bottom page.

Laney College in Oakland is just a BART ride away.  Ohlone info is here.  Ohlone for Kids here.  

UC Santa Cruz has a High School Student summer program here.  

Additional links from Mrs. D'Audney in the Career Center are here.  

Summer Program/Internship Application Requiring a Letter of Recommendation:

Follow the directions listed in the links below. Be sure you turn all items required in at least one month (4 weeks) prior to the application deadline.

Please note: students who are requesting a letter of recommendation from a teacher need to speak with them individually at least one month prior to the deadline. 

Click here for the Summer Program Letter of Recommendation Profile Packet

Summer Program/Internship Application Requiring a Transcript Only: 

If you need an electronic transcript you must order one from Parchment (Click on “Transcripts” Quick Link on AHS website to order).  If a paper transcript is required, order from Office K.