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Applying to UC, a quick overview


High School class requirements needed to apply to UC


How much does it cost to attend a UC campus?  While visiting this page, figure out if your family qualifies for the "Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan" and if you can take advantage of the AB 540 / Dream Act for undocumented students.  


A list of all college majors at all of the UC's



HS profiles of the admitted freshman

Use caution when drawing conclusions from this info.  It's a general guide to selectivity only.


How UC's review applications with a Comprehensive Review process



UC recommendations on taking the SAT II / single subject tests

UC Campus Policies and Procedures for Reviewing Freshman Applicants-  including if their departments encourage single subject SAT scores



Are you a Foster Youth and planning on attending UC? 


How the UC system calculates GPA


Advanced Research Links:

UC campuses course catalogs

UC campus departments and  AP exam credit

Eligibility in Local Context (ELC) Program.

Take a look at the "bottom line" with this CSU and UC Comparison Chart of Freshman Admission Requirements for 2014-15. This also includes information about validation of D and F grades in required courses.

UC's campus policies and procedures for the admission process